Move-Out Instructions

We hope you had a great year and are looking forward to an awesome summer!  This notice is to help you during your move-out process and to answer some common questions.

In order to not have any cleaning charges against your security deposit all items must be done perfectly.  If we have to call in cleaners for anything they charge the full amount (which could be $100-$400).  Please take a few minutes to review and let us know if you have any questions (this is not an exhaustive list).

Cleaning: Cleaning your home is an all day affair for a team of people. In the event that you prefer not to clean yourself, we have an excellent group of cleaners that will work for you after move-out (typically costs around $100-$400).

  1. Remove ALL belongings from the house including food.  Do not leave any trash outside of garbage cans. Remove all furniture, cigarette butts, animal waste outside/around the house.
  2. Make sure all light bulbs are working and replace them as needed.  If we have to replace them, we charge $5 each.
  3. Replace all dead batteries.  We charge $5 each.
  4. Replace missing smoke detectors.  We charge $50 each.
  5. Clean or replace all damaged and soiled mini-blinds.  We charge $40 for each blind.
  6. Inside the home, work from top to bottom in each room: i.e. ceilings and fans first, then the walls and trim around windows and doors, then the baseboards, then vacuum, and lastly scrub and mop the floors.
  7. Kitchen: Run the oven cleaning cycle before manually cleaning the oven. Replace dirty drips pans or clean the glass top and remove the oven bottom drawer and clean underneath. Remove all items from the fridge before cleaning and make sure to clean on top and underneath too.  The floors should be scrubbed and mopped to remove stains and dirt.
  8. Bathroom: Vacuum area before cleaning with water to remove all hair. Use Tilex or similar products to clean shower walls and the inside and outside of the toilet bowl. Remove any mold/mildew using a soft rag so as not to damage the caulk.  Scrub and mop the floors to remove stains and dirt.
  9. Laundry Room:  Clean the room from the top down.  Remove lint from the dryer and clean inside the washing machine rim at the top of the machine. Remember to clean around/behind the washer and dryer too.
  10. Bedroom/Living Room:  Clean all fan blades and globes.  Take time to clean all window molding and baseboards to remove dust using a damp cloth. Windex all windows/mirrors.  

Keys: As everyone heads out for the summer, put your original keys on the kitchen countertop when you leave. Lock the doorknob to the house, pull it shut, and then text us so we can go pick them up.  If the original keys are not returned the fee is $200.

Utilities: Please leave the utilities on until the 3rd of the month after your lease ends (this is also required by your Lease).  We need to have them on in case of an emergency and so that no mildew starts to grow in the home because the utilities and air conditioning have been turned off.  Please, leave the AC on (80 degrees or below).  Also, change the AC Filter to increase the air flow and efficiency.

Courtesy Walk Through: If you would like a courtesy walk prior to your move out, please contact us to schedule.  This will not be a final inspection but could offer some valuable insight.  This is just an optional service to you and your roommates.  We will have availability the week prior to your lease ending but it must be scheduled.  Please contact Rachael for more details and availability.

Security Deposit: We send out one check to each lease/unit. As a group please decide which tenant you would like the check to be made out to and provide us a mailing address. E-mail this information to and CC all tenants on the e-mail.  Checks are sent out within 30 days after your lease date ends.


Whether you are graduating and starting a new career or changing locations for the coming semester, we hope you all have a wonderful summer and rest of the year.  Thank you for choosing us for your housing needs.  It is truly our pleasure to provide houses that you feel great about calling home.

Kindest Regards,

EC Leases LLC and Bird House Properties LLC


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