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Rent a home everyone loves

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Moving In

1. Schedule Your Move-in Orientation

We are excited to help you get settled into your new grid home by ECU.  Please contact us at least 10 days prior to your scheduled move in.  Just a reminder, your lease will start on the 5th of the first month of your lease.  We will schedule appointments on a first come first serve basis.  So, if you are traveling from out of town and would like a specific time please contact us right away.  We will do our best to accommodate your needs. 

Your orientation will take approximately 1 hour to complete. During this time we will review important aspects of your house, pass out the keys and answer questions you may have about your new home. The resident(s) present for orientation will also be given a move-in inspection form that will need to be completed for the entire house before you begin moving in your belongings.

2. How to Turn on Your Utilities

Greenville Utilities Commission (Electric, Water, Gas): 252-752-7166

Have your utilities set to turn on the first day of your lease, even if you are moving in after that date. Only one person can create an account for the house/unit, so this needs to be decided between roommates ahead of time.  Because our move in dates are in the summer, when the NC heat is high and the humidity is thick, you will want the lights to come on and the home to be cool! Please set up your utilities account at least 2 days before your lease start date.

When scheduling your Move in Orientation with us, please email us a copy of your Utility Verification from Greenville Utility Company (GUC). Unfortunately, we will not be able to grant you access or keys to the home until all of the utilities are turned on and you provide us with a Utility Verification Form from GUC.  When you call to activate utilities please ask if your home has gas.  If it does, have it turned on now so that you are not charged an additional activation fee in the winter.  This will save you a cold night’s sleep and money.

3. Cable & Internet

MetroNet (100% Fiberoptic Internet): 1-877-386-3876. Be sure to ask for a student discount!

Optimum (Internet, Cable): 252-756-5677. Sandy Cochran is the local representative and typically has better rates.  Her number is 252-702-9965.

Also, please review our guidelines for internet and cable providers.

4. Parking

Residential Street Parking Permits

To park on the street (as signage indicate) Monday-Friday, 7am-5pm, residents must have a valid parking permit on file with the city of Greenville and sticker on the vehicle. Once your lease starts you can purchase a residential street parking permit through the city’s online Portal. See instructions under paragraph tilted Leased Parking.

NOTE: This permit needs to be renewed each summer with the city.

City Hall,  Financial Service Department, 200 W. 5th Street, 252-329-4884.  Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m (closed for lunch).

What to Have to Apply:

  • Your Lease (EC Leases Residents have access to their lease through their online Portal. See details below)
  • Digital Photo of your Driver’s ID
  • Digital Photo of Vehicle Registration
    A valid automobile registration showing your current license tag number. Double check that it is not expired.
  • Completed Lease Parking Application (see link to city’s website to obtain this)
  • $10 Permit Cost

Proof of Residency – How to find your Lease
On your phone or computer, log-in to your Resident Portal and go to “Property Details” and then “Download PDF Lease.”  Print a copy (first and last page only) of your PDF lease found on your Resident Portal. Make sure it is the PDF version showing ALL digital signatures on the last page.

Important Parking Rules…

Help Us make Your Home look great by following all Parking and Driving rules!


  • ECLeases parking passes (max of 3 per household) are $25 per vehicle.
  • No parking is allowed on sidewalks or blocking the driveway.
  • Only three vehicles are allowed per driveway.
  • Park only on designated parking surfaces (not on the grass or sidewalks).
  • If parking curbside, park with the traffic and no more than 1 foot away from the curb.
  • When parking on the street, observe city parking permit signs.
5. Pets

We love our pet/animal(s) (and their owners too!) and we want to be a pet/animal friendly community for many years to come!  Please consider the responsibility, cost, and care involved in any pet/animal before you make your decision.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In order to maintain a clean and comfortable community, we wanted to remind you of our pet/animal policies, as described in your Lease Agreement.

Monthly Pet Rent: $20.00

NON-Refundable Pet Fees: $400.00

Pet/Animal Waste – Disease can be spread through pet/animal waste and we need everyone’s help in order to keep your lawn clean, comfortable and safe. Please pick up after your pet/animal.  Violations will be subject to a small fine (per occurrence).

Leashes – Greenville has a “leash law” that prohibits owners from letting their pet/animal run free. Owners are required to keep any pet/animal under control and to have pets inoculated.  Pet/Animal(s) may NOT be staked or chained outside.

Visiting Pets – Unfortunately, we do not allow visiting animals or pets.

Breed Restrictions – Please be advised that there are breed restrictions in place and they are as follows; German Shepherd, Akita, Doberman, Rottweiler, Dalmatian, Pit Bull, wolf breeds, Chow, American Staffordshire Terrier, Mastiff, etc. and caged or exotic animals (hamsters, snakes, birds, ferrets, etc.).

If you wish to add a pet/animal to your Lease Agreement, please email us.   No more than two (2) pet/animal(s) are allowed per household.

6. Trash and Recycling

Trash and Recycle pick-up is Monday morning by the city of Greenville, NC. If Monday falls on a city holiday pick-up will be that Wednesday. This service requires proper placement on the day of your scheduled collection: Have the cart(s) at the curbside by 6 a.m. of your service day. Make sure you do not overfill the cart. The lid of the rollout cart must be closed. Bags outside of a rollout cart will not be picked up. The rollout cart must be within 3 feet of the curb, but not in the street. Place the rollout cart with the metal bar facing the street. Have at least 3 feet between the rollout cart and other obstacles. (i.e. another rollout cart, mailbox, tree, etc.) A container blocked by a vehicle will not be serviced. Carts must be returned to the backyard by the evening of your scheduled service day. If you have any questions, please call the Public Works Department at 252.329.4522.

Emergency Contacts

In case of emergencies (major water leaks, fires, and crime) please call:

Police Emergency: 911

Greenville Utilities Commission: 252-752-7166

Police Non-Emergency Number: 252-329-4315